Most Severe Apradhs : Guru Apradh and Vaishnav Apradh

What is the Most Severe Nama-aparadha?
by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura Prabhupada
Question:What is the most severe nama-aparadha, or offence to the holy name?

Answer: To consider Srila Gurudeva to be an ordinary human being is the most deadly offence, the most severe nama-aparadha. By maintaining a conception of him as a mere mortal, one cannot attain auspiciousness even in billions of births. A person with such a mundane conception of the guru will encounter various types of obstacles in bhakti and will be in danger of drowning in the ocean of material desires. Besides the lotus feet of Sri Guru, nothing can save us from the clutches of harmful association. The jiva is unable to surrender himself at the lotus feet of Sri Gurudeva only because he considers Sri Gurudeva to be an ordinary human being.

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Śhrī Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, while instructing Śrīla Rupa Gosvāmī, has compared the devotional service of the Lord with a creeper.
A creeper has a feeble stem and requires the support of another tree to grow, and while growing, it requires sufficient protection so that it may not be lost.
While describing the system of protection for the creeper of devotional service, Śrī Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has especially stressed protection from offenses unto the lotus feet of Vaiṣṇavas.
Such offenses are called Vaishnav Apradh. Apradh means “offense.” If one commits Vaishnav Apradh, all of his progress in devotional service will be checked.
Even though one is very much advanced in devotional service, if he commits offenses at the feet of a Vaishnav , his advancement is all spoiled.
In the śāstras it is found that a very great yogi , Durvāsā Muni, committed a Vaishnav Apradh and thus for one full year had to travel all over the universe, even to Vaikuṇṭhaloka, to defend himself from the offense.
At last, even when he approached the Supreme Personality of Godhead in Vaikunth, he was refused protection.
Therefore one should be very careful about committing offenses at the feet of a Vaishnava. The most grievous type of Vaishnav Apradh is called gurv-apradh , which refers to offenses at the lotus feet of the spiritual master. In the chanting of the holy name of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, this gurv- apradh is considered the most grievous offense. Guror avajñā śrutiśāstra-nindanam (Padma Puran).
Among the ten offenses committed against the chanting of the holy name, the first offenses are disobedience of the spiritual master and blasphemy of the Vedic literature.

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Nepal needs Nityananda


Nepal’s recent earthquake has shaken us all up. Sometimes we wonder why do innocent people have to suffer and die in such a devastatingly horrible way. What wrong did they do? Within seconds their houses were wiped out, their loved ones were killed.. Suddenly without any indication.. And we ultimately blame it on destiny. But is it really destiny ? Geeta says we enjoy and suffer due to our own karma!

We are in such gross ignorance. Most of the actions done by the living entities are not in tandem with what is written in the scriptures… With Adharma spreading rampantly there is barely any  Krishna consciousness left in our actions.
Below is an article on the recent earthquake:

The devastating calamity of earthquake happens due to collective slaughter of living creature. This statement looks very strange but the renowned scientist of Delhi University Dr. Madan Mohan Bajaj has proved it to be right.

This research paper  has inter related science and philosophy in a wonderful manner .

According to scientists, three types of waves are present on this earth; the primary waves, secondary waves and third are under layer waves. The first type of waves run very fast but the second one with the slow speed at the time of killing of living creatures leave waves emit pain waves. Such pain waves go on increasing and intensifying by more and more killings of the creatures and when the energy of these waves becomes expressive then these waves shake the earth which is known as earthquake.

Mother earth is crying in pain!
How can this stop? What’s the remedy? Minds of Kali yuga jeevas are so corrupt and  their hearts are so hard that its difficult to bring them to the level of Krishna consciousness…

A question then arises that even if the kaliyuga souls try to approach Krishna in such a contaminated state will there be a change in their consciousness? Will Krishna forgive all their misdeeds? Will they be forgiven with all their various gross and subtle apradhs? Difficult! Who can then accept  us ? Only Nitai!


Nepal and the world at large has experienced such huge amount of
violence on animals and other living entities that mother earth is crying in pain… And the only way to atone for these sins is to fall at the feet of Nitai- Nityananda. The most merciful of all..  Adoshadarshi.. He doesn’t see the faults of the jeevas… Just accepts everyone unconditionally. With such huge baggages of sins on our shoulders how will we be forgiven? There will be repercussions.. But our Doyal  Nitai (merciful Nitai ) will accept us with open arms and forgive us for our sins..  Nepal needs Nitai! 


Childhood pastimes of Nityananda

Nityananda , Supreme personality of Servitor Godhead, would  re-enact the divine pastimes of Krishna, Rama, Vamana, and the other avataras of Vishnu during His childhood .

Till the age of 12 He also wandered the different holy places.



   On the order of Gaura Krishna, Nityanand  had already made his appearance in the village of Ekachakra in Radhadesh. He appeared in the womb of Padmavati, the wife of Hadai Oja. He dispelled all the darkness covering  the land of Radha by His auspicious appearance.  



Once, his friends decided to play the act of Demigods  approaching the Lord to relieve the burden of evil oppressing the Earth. Nityananda Prabhu took with him a child who was dressed as the earth, and together with the children who enacted the roles of the different assembled Demigods, He went to the banks of the river Ganges. There He addressed the Lord who rests in the ocean of milk, Kshirodakshayi Vishnu. At that time, one of the children took the part of Lord Vishnu, and hiding unseen by the other children spoke in a grave voice that all could hear: “I shall surely be born in Goloka Mathura to lighten the burden of the Earth.”


    Nityananda Prabhu enacted the different pastimes of Krishna that the Lord performed during the Dvapara age. He enacted the pastimes of the marriage of Vasudeva and Devaki, the birth of Shri Krishna in the prison of Kamsa, the journey of Vasudeva to Nandagram and how He carried Krishna over the Yamuna River, as well as His return from Nandagram and how He brought Mahamaya who had just appeared as the daughter of Yashoda with Him. 


   He enacted the slaying of Putana, the breaking of the cart, Krishna’s butter stealing pastimes, the slaying of the demons, Dhenuka, Agha, and Baka. He also displayed the pastimes of the pasturing of the cows, the lifting of Govardhan hill, the stealing of the gopis clothes and the Lord’s bestowal of mercy upon the wives of the sacrificial brahmanas. He performed the pastimes of sending secret advice to Kamsa in the guise of Narada, the killing of the Kuvalaya elephant and the wrestlers Chanura and Mustika, and the killing of Kamsa. 


 Nityananda Prabhu also enacted the pastime of Vamana Deva’s cheating Bali of the three worlds, and took the role of Ramachandra. His friends acting the part of monkey soldiers pretended to build a bridge of floating stones across the ocean, in imitation of the pastimes of Rama. Once, Nityananda took the part of Lakshman, and, bow in hand, would storm the palace of Sugriva. Once He took the part of Rama Himself, enacting the pastime of breaking Parashurama’s pride. Once, taking the role of Lakshman He pretended to kill Indrajit and then swoon, hit by the powerful arrows of Ravana, the demon-king. He would enact the pastime of having the medicine from Gandamadana Hill brought by Hanuman and would recover from his wounds after receiving the medicine.


   Nityananda spent twelve years enacting these kinds of pastimes. At that time, he went to visit the different holy places in order to purify them from the sins left behind by the pilgrims who visit them.


   He toured the holy places in both Northern and Southern India, on the pretext of pilgrimage and in this way was occupied until His twentieth year when He arrived in Navadwipa and met Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.


 In the course of his wandering through the different holy places, Nityananda Prabhu met Madhavendra Puri, Ishvara Puri, and Brahmananda Puri. Nityananda passed many days enjoying the ecstasy of Krishna-katha in the company of Madhavendra Puri and his disciples. He then visited Setubandha, Danatirtha, Mayapuri, Avanti, Godavari Jiyura Nrismha, Devapari, Trimala, Kurmakshetra and many other holy places. At last He arrived at Jagannatha Puri, where He took darshan of Jagannatha Deva and was profoundly moved to ecstasy upon seeing the Deity. From Jagannatha Puri, He returned again to Mathura. 

Spirituality and Spiritual Master


We have heard this word spirituality so often. . what does it mean?

Spirituality means trying to understand the spirit soul trapped in this material body . A transcendentalist questions himself why is the soul trapped  in this body? Where does it come from? Where is its real destination? How can it reach its true destination?


There are so many paths to spirituality. Some paths going absolutely parallel, some paths going at a tangent , some seemingly going parallel but heading to a different destination, though still spiritual. All  these paths having the same aim : Reaching out to God!

A spiritual master is like a parent , teaching us how to tread on this unknown path. Constantly holding our hand ,carefully taking us through all the  jungles of material nature, protecting us from the wild animal like offenses , keeping us occupied  so we don’t feel the hopelessness of the lengthy distance and assuring us throughout that though we are not seeing God with our material eyes  , He is there waiting for us .


Spiritual Masters are those rare beings who have realised their relation with the Supreme, – the highest transcendental Consciousness. Spiritual Masters have not only realised their true self but also work selflessly to inspire others to seek the divinity within themselves.

A real spiritual Master is able to expedite the progress of his/her disciples through their close connection to God and the grace of God.

Spiritual Masters have taught the timeless spiritual truths in a variety of ways, Their teachings reflecting the environment and period in which they live.

Each spiritual master has offered their own unique path towards the highest Truth.



Nityanand Gauranga ! Hare Krishna!

I have no realizations or qualification to write anything  but due to Gurudevs blessings I’m attempting to write something.

Nityanand prabhu who is the  Supreme Personality of  Servitor Godhead , residing in everyone’s heart as the Parmatma , is silently observing us.

Our  every thought  and action since time immemorial. He  is our true well wisher and companion ,the one who never  has left us even when we were in the lowest of animal species climbing up the ladder of the 84 lac species of life. Patiently been with us through all the forms of life, eagerly waiting to see us through the human form of life where  the soul would be empowered with higher intelligence to understand and differentiate between different  types of karma and use the gifted free will in the correct way . A way where we would chose the spiritual path and cross this ocean of birth and death.

Why , I wonder , would He want to be with us in every form of body that we inherit , residing right next to the soul . What an abominable place to be ! But He does that so that He can one day witness us turning our head towards Him and trying to reach out to Him!! Who can be more merciful than Him!!! Who else other than Him would desperately want us out of this vicious cycle of taking another painful birth from the womb of a mother!!

He has the patience to be with us all through but is also  adamant to release us from this torture, literally stubborn to do so .. In the avatar of Nityananda .